Low Loss/Profile Copper

FaradFlex™ is the world’s leading ultra thin laminate for embedded capacitance technology in PCB’s, modules, and packaging substrates. With the increase in routing density, more active and passive devices, concern over board resonances and EMI, FaradFlex™ is becoming the solution of choice of designers.


Ultra thin copper that is easy to handle. MicroThin™ is suitable for MSAP and can realize fine pitch under L/S 30/30 um. You can achieve precise circuit width with square shape. MicroThinapplications include IC substrates, PCBs, and high frequency antennas.

NA-VSP foil[2]

Mitsui proprietary very low profile copper VSP® series. Minimal signal loss when combined with low Dk/Df materials. Great bonding characteristics with low Dk/Df materials.

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