EMC Europe 2019 Recap

Oak-Mitsui Technologies exhibited at EMC Europe for the first time this year in Barcelona, Spain. We were informed that this was the biggest EMC Europe to this date with 700 plus attendees.

Quite a few engineers listened in on Yoshi Fukawa’s presentation “Co-Design and Co-Analysis for Noise Optimization of Switching Mode Power Supply Circuit Board.” Yoshi will continue study on this subject and we hope to present at the next EMC Europe in Rome!

Robert Carter, VP of Business Development and Technology spoke with many engineers from various industries including automotive, telecom and defense. In fact we met with a research engineer located in Toulouse, France that had written a paper about our 8 micron product, MC8T. If you are interested in the full paper, please contact us.

It was a successful symposium for us and it was definitely well worth exhibiting at EMC Europe 2019!

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