Oak-Mitsui Technologies LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan’s Mitsui Kinzoku with its main office in Frankfort, KY. We are a technology company which was established in 2003 in order to create material solutions for the printed circuit industry. Our company’s strengths include expertise in copper foil manufacturing and resin technology supported by our R&D facility in Ageo, Japan.

Our organization is dedicated to developing and producing high quality products. Our employees focus on customer service as our top priority and we strive to meet the emerging needs of our customers. We have a diverse and inventive staff of engineers and scientists who have successfully patented our ideas and technologies in the US and worldwide.

We are a global service organization through our parent company Mitsui Kinzoku which supports businesses in Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Europe and the United States.

Oak-Mitsui Technologies is currently a member of IEEE EMC Society,  IPC and SEMI.

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